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Rules for a Happy Marriage


I Am Your Friend

A Birthday Prayer

When the World Forgets..

Hello God


The Last Time

Cranky Old Man

The Silent Sermon

Cherished Friends

I'll Be Here

Or I can......

Come and Sit With Me Awhile

Wild Mustangs


A Great Love

Comfort Zone



Stepping Stones

As I Grow Older

I Wish You Jesus

The Month of March

OH, to be Young Again

To Laugh Often and Much...


I Saw Jesus

Dawning of a New Day

Where God Ain't

Life's Rewards


My Garden of Prayer

I Am the Light of the World

Thank You, God, For Everything

As You Travel Through Life

To Believe

The Legend of the Snowflake

You Never Know


Hope is...

Looking Back

On the Wings of Prayer

Beauty of the Morning & Night

Life is but a Weaving

Standing for what you Believe in...

Come, Go With Me

The Optimists Creed

Whisper Jesus

This is My Prayer

"Thank you, Lord..."

Things Not Done Before

Dedicated To All Teachers

Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee

Faith is a Mighty Fortress


True Friendship

Playing the Game

When You Feel Like Quitting

The Handwriting on the Wall

I Refuse

The Beauty of a Woman

Life Still Has Meaning


A Special Place

Dear God, Thank You!

Back Home

A Blue Sky Day

The Record Book

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