The Lamp of Perfection
~ Saint Vincent Ferrer~

Fifteen perfections are necessary to one who serves God in the spiritual life.

First: A clear, perfect knowledge of one's weaknesses and defects.

Second: A great courage to combat one's evil inclinations and the desires or passions opposed to reason.

Third: A great fear regarding the offences one has committed against God, for one cannot be certain of having been restored to his grace or of having satisfied his justice.

Fourth: A great apprehension of falling again through frailty into the same sins or still greater ones.

Fifth: A firm discipline and rigid exactitude in controlling the exterior senses and submitting one's body to the service of Jesus Christ.

Sixth: A great patience and fortitude in temptations and adversities.

Seventh: Generously avoiding, as a demon from hell, every person or other creature which would be a cause or occasion, not only of sin but even of imperfection.

Eighth: Taking upon oneself the cross of Jesus Christ, which has four branches:
               A: the mortification of vices;
               B: the giving up of earthly goods;
               C: the renunciation of all carnal affection for one's family;
               D: contempt, detestation, and annihilation of self.

Ninth: Constant remembrance of the benefits already received from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tenth: Perseverance in prayer by day and by night.

Eleventh: Experiencing and relishing the divine sweetness constantly.

Twelfth: An ardent desire to exalt our holy faith, that Jesus Christ may be known, loved, and feared throughout the world.

Thirteenth: A merciful compassion for one's neighbor in all his needs.

Fourteenth: Rendering thanks to God with all one's heart, glorifying and praising Jesus Christ in all things.

Fifteenth: After having done all these things, saying from the depths of one's heart: My Lord Jesus Christ, I am nothing, I can do nothing, I am worth nothing, I serve thee badly, and I am an unprofitable servant in all things.


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