"Three Sisters"
A poem written by my Sister
Bonnie Josephine (Casper) Saxton

We have a lot in common,
it's easy for you to see,
besides that each one looks like Mom,
she, and her,and me.

And we talk very much the same,
As all of our husbands know,
not brief, quite more like gabby,
never known as slow.

And history? We could teach it.
Who's version do you want?
Past? Who doesn't have one?
Not much there to flaunt.

But when we speak of love,
We each know each one's heart.
It's always there, deep within us,
Just as from the start.

The folks raised us to know of
respect and pride and love.
We've always known it's there from Him,
our Father from above.

"Love you" comes as easily
      as calling our kids' names.
Two last words always said
         Along with "Glad you came!"

A shoulder meant to lean on,
advice, a prayer, or tea.
Each one we can depend on,
she, and her, and me.

Thanks and Praise to our God our Father
for the Grace and Gift of Sisters

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