Heart & Cross by Designer Lady

History of my salvation

©Adolfo Anisio Costa

The Logos of Heavens landed
into the inner cloister of a Virgen.
She just said "fiat" and it happened.
The work of the Spirit.
The smile of the Father
and the words of the prophets.
I was there. It was for me.
Could I be the only man in the universe
and it had happened any way.
Child.Teenager.Young carpenter.
Mature master. Innocent victim
in the cross of infinite love.
And now...for this nothingness grain
are open the gates of the skies.

Greg Olsen


If there is light in the soul,
There is beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,
There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world.


Mary Baxter St Clair

Dear God,

I'm writing to say I'm sorry
For being angry yesterday
When you seemed to ignore my prayer
And things didn't go my way

First, my car broke down
I was very late for work
But I missed that awful accident
Was that your handiwork?

I found a house I loved
But others got there first I was angry,
then relieved
When I heard the pipes had burst!

Yesterday, I found the perfect dress
But the color was too pale
Today, I found the dress in red
Would you believe, it was on sale!

I know you're watching over me
And I'm feeling truly blest
For no matter what I pray for
You always know what's best!

I have this circle of E-mail friends,
Who mean the world to me;
Some days I "send" and "send",
At other times, I let them be.

When I see each name download,
And view the message they've sent;
I know they've thought of me that day,
And "well wishes" were their intent.

I am so blessed to have these friends,
With whom I've grown so close;
So this little poem I dedicate to them,
Because to me they are the "Most"!

So to you, my friends,
I would like to say,
Thank you for being a part;
Of all my daily contacts,
This comes right from my heart.

God bless you all is my prayer today,
I'm honored to call you "friend";
I pray the Lord will keep you safe,
Until we write again.

God Bless you,

~Author Unknown~

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