See, I am sending an angel before you,
to guard you on the way
and bring you to the place
I have prepared.
~Exodus 23:20~

Do not search for us, we will find you.
Do not wait for us, we are here...all ready.
Do not whisper your name, we know it well.
We have loved you forever, time will tell...
We are your Guardian Angels.
Author Unknown

This is the highest point of philosophy,
to be simple and wise;
this is the angelic life.
~St John Chrysostom ~

There is, therefore, a more perfect intellectual life
in the angels. In them the intellect does not proceed
to self-knowledge from anything exterior,
but knows itself through itself.
~St. Thomas Aquinas ~

Since God often sends us inspirations by means of His angels,
we should frequently return our aspirations to him
by means of the same messingers.
~St. Francis De Sales~

Inbox Angel

There's an angel in my inbox
And she came here from a friend
Who typed in my e-mail address
Then clicked on the button 'Send'

There's an angel in your inbox
And you got her straight from me;
I knew when I finished reading this,
It was something you should see.

This little angel in your inbox
Does contain a nice surprise;
For when you send her on to friends,
Her message multiplies.

She brings you a note of
Happiness, health and song;
And the nicest thing you can do
Today is to forward her along.

There are angels among us,
one for me and one for you.
God sent them to watch over us,
our whole lives through.

I knew that when I met you,
I saw a certain spark.
you appeared before me,
when the world seemed so dark.
~Author Unknown~

God must have had me in mind
when he made you.
He knew I would need guidance,
and a helping hand or two;

Someone to pick me up,
when I stumble and fall,
when the world seems so horrible
and not worth living at all.

I have certainly had my days
when I needed your hand.
I thank God for sending you to me,
and for including me in His plan.

If angels need comfort,
the way I sometimes do,
please think of me,
and I will reach out my hand
and offer comfort to you.

"Be An Angel"
Reach for the stars
Keep your halo polished
Share your favorite things with others
Plant a garden for the butterflies
Say something nice to someone everyday
Be patient with those who don't fly as fast as you do
Talk to the plants to help them grow
Always tell the truth
Think good thoughts
Sprinkle a little stardust wherever you go
~Author Unknown~

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