I cannot make the robin sing
the songs for you and me
I cannot make the rainbow hue
that in all of life we see

I cannot make the forest glade
the rippling brook I hear
Nor can I put the sun up high
nor control a tiny tear

I cannot make a golden leaf
pastelled with colors bright
I cannot tell the stars to shine
a glorious, wonderful sight

I cannot tell my heartstrings
who or what to love
All these things I cannot do
come from The Lord above

Yes, My Friend, I do believe
for His gifts all say "I Care"
And since we cannot do these things
Thank God - "He" lets us share


If you light yourself a candle
A story to you it will tell
A story old - not ever new
A story you know well

The flame will waiver gently
Soaring high or drifting low
Its movement starts to vary
As the air beings to flow

Upward reaches out the flame
Depicting the highs in your life
Ebbing every now and again
Depicting occasional strife

The candle flames your yesterdays
Reminisce what you've been delt
Memories there to live again
As you watch that candle melt

For those times you feel unhappy
For the times you heave a sigh
Sit down and light that candle
Reminisce when the flame is high


It's really hard to carry on
When we lose the ones we love
But they no longer suffer, cause
They're with the Lord above

The words so often uttered are
"It's so hard to bear the sorrow
But now's the time to muster strength
For we still must face tomorrow

Our strength must change direction
There are others by our side
And we must be the strength for them
So our sorrows we must hide

Someday we'll know the purpose
For the sorrows we must share
But in the meantime - carry on
It's a cross that we must bear


The Lord did us a favor
no map for the roads we take
Experience our learned teacher
the future ours to make

He didn't make life easy
prepare us well ahead
He gave us roads to travel
but no road signs to be read

Our trials and tribulations
engrained within our heart
As we traveled down lifes' highways
right from the very start

Can't blame him for our errors
can't blame him for our woes
We picked the roads we traveled
and our decision is what shows

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