Last Forest

Raw Materials Inside You

The wisdom of God is shown in that He left the world
unfinished so that we might have the interest and delight
in talking the "raw material" and putting the world together.

He left the oil in the trap rock, the aluminum in the clay,
the paper in the pulp, the electricity in the clouds.
He left the forest un-felled, the mountains unsurveyed,
the canals undug, the tunnels unbored.

He left the fields unplowed and unplanted.
He left the music unwritten,
the poetry undreamed and the dramas unplayed.
He left inventions unapplied and cities unbuilt.

He left mind and character unperfected,
that we might really be the children of God -
created in His own image -
with latent powers to take the "raw materials"
and put the world together.

Heaven for the Humorist

There is the story of an Irishman who died suddenly
and went up for divine judgment. He felt very uneasy,
for he didn't think he had done much good on earth.
There was a long line of people ahead of him,
so he settled down to look and listen.

After consulting his book, Christ said to the
first man in line, "I see here that I was hungry
and you gave me to eat. Good on you! Go on into
heaven." To the second he said, "I was thirsty
and you gave me to drink," and to the third, "I
was in prison and you visited me," And so it went
on. As each man ahead of him was sent to heaven,
the Irishman examined his conscience and felt
that he had a great deal to fear. He'd never
given anyone food or drink, and he hadn't visited
prisoners or the sick.�

Then his turn came. Trembling, he watched Christ
examining the book. Then Christ looked up and
said, "Well, there's not much written here but
you did do something: I was sad and discouraged
and depressed and you came and told me funny
stories which made me laugh and cheered me up.
Get along to heaven..."

This story makes the point that no form of
charity should be undervalued or neglected.

Share YOUR smile today,

it could be your ticket to Heaven.....

Competition Is Good

Our way of life is highly competitive.
We are always racing with one another.
We have to show results.
If possible, we must try to break records.
Today the only way my work is judged is by
comparing it with the work of others.
No matter how well I do,
if the other person does better,
then I become second rate.
And so in that sense,
everyone becomes a rival.
My brother's success becomes
a threat to me;
and that is how jealousy is born.

In India they have a story about
two students called Akbar and Birbal.
Akbar draws a line on the blackboard
and asks Birbal to shorten it without erasing it.
So Birbal goes to the board and draws a
longer line under Akbar's and the job is done.

You and I might be along line when we stand all alone.
But just let a longer line stand next to us,
and suddenly from long we have become short.

That may be the reason why we resent the success of others.
Their success casts a shadow on mine.
I resent them.
But their competitive presence is good for me.
It makes me keep an eye on my line.

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Mini Angel Globes by: Little Angel Heaven


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