I am so glad that I met you
Although our acquaintance wasn't long
You have made a big impact in my life
And it is thanks to you
Why I remain strong

Your friendship means the world to me
Believe me, it truly does
And I just wanted you to know that
From me you will always find love

Now we are going our separate ways
Maybe never to meet again
As long as our friendship holds true
Our connection will forever stand

We may not have been best friends
But that is just a title
For the kind of friendship we do share
Is more active than it is idle

I am going to miss you
So this is why I am telling you now
How much you truly mean to me

And I wish you the very best
Yes I am going to miss you
And please always try to remember
That you are truly blessed!
~Sarah R. Leavell~


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August 8, 2012