When the roses lose their fragrance,
and the world seems at an end,
when the day has lost its gladness,
what a blessing is a Friend.

One who takes you as she finds you,
caring not who is to blame,
One who knows all your shortcomings,
but who loves you just the same.

Heaven sends a gift each morn,
of a bright new day to spend,
what a joy it is to share it with,
God's greatest gift --

A Friend

~Author Unknown~

All That Really Matters

Life is too short for grievances,
For quarrels and for tears,
What's the use of wasting
Precious days and precious tears.

If there's something to forgive,
Forgive without delay
Maybe you too, were part to blame,
So make it up today.

Be generous - forget the past
And take the broader view,
Cast away all bitterness and
Let the sunshine through.

If it's within your power
A broken heart to mend,
Love is all that really matters
... in the end.

~Author Unknown~


All Through The Night


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