Dearest Friends,
July 12, 2004

The 15th year anniversary of my husband, Lee's,
brain surgery of the 2 aneurysms.
That was a 10-hour surgery
and then after 2 hours in recovery,
he was sent back in to contain a massive blood clot,
another 2-hour surgery. At that time, I was told
Lee had only a 2% chance of making it
out of the recovery room

The doctors knew very little about the POWER of Prayer

My immediate family was with me the entire day,
my dad, mom, 2 sisters, brother, their spouses,
and their children and my 2 blessed sons.
Everyone who did go to work that day
came straight to the hospital right after work
to share his or her time and prayers with us.
They came from San Diego, Lancaster, Cypress, 29 Palms.
My sisters insisted on driving me, good thing,
since in NO time, I was pretty much a basket case.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
for your years of dedication, friendship,
and prayers for my family and us.
Truly, its a given.....
we could not have made it this far without you.

To bring you up to date,
my husband is now in long-term care.
They take very good care of him.
He has adjusted to his new way of life very well,
he has never asked me if he can come home,
of which I am truly grateful.
He does still remember who I am and his sons.
He has dementia; weakness of body strength
and most of his right side is paralyzed.
He has not gotten out of bed for any length of time
in over 4 or 5 years. He did get out of bed his first week
at his new place, told them he did not like this
and has not gotten out again since.

May you know in your hearts, I have not forgotten you
and the strength of faith you share with us!
You and yours remain in my daily prayers.

To me your life has been an inspiration.
Happiness is mine because of you.
As a mountain shows our destination,
Never, in its grandeur, lost from view,
Know that you have been my moral guide.
You have shaped the one I am inside,
Opening my heart with your affection,
Underlying all I say and do.

I've had one of those days
you know what I mean
so I sit back and relax
and turn on my screen.

I'll talk to all my friends
who know just what to say
to make my stresses go
and my troubles fade away.

My friends you're always there for me
whenever I feel blue
and though we have not 'talked' for days
I know our friendships are true.

And although we haven't been friends for long
in this short time it seems
we shared so many things already
our hopes, our fears, our dreams.

We come from different walks of life
but we share a common bond
and it's time to say, that all of you
I've grown so very fond.

So thank you friends for being there
whenever I've needed you
I know you're always there for me
and you know I'm there for you.
~ Author Unknown ~

On behalf of my Family and me: Thank you!!!

Always and in ALL WAYS

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July 11, 2004