World Faiths: The Golden Rule


None of you truly believes
until he wishes to his
brother what he
wishes for himself

Love thy neighbor
as thyself

Do not to others
what ye do not wish
done to yourself,
and wish for others too
what ye desire and long for
for yourself

...choose thou
for thy neighbor
that which thou
choosest for thyself

Make thine own self
the measure of the others
and so abstain from
causing hurt to them

All things whatsoever ye
would that men should do to you,
do ye so to them;
for this is the law & the prophets.

Do not do to others what
you would not like yourself.
Then there will be no resentment
against you, either in
the family or in the state.

Regard your neighbor’s
gain as your gain,
and your neighbor’s loss
as your own loss.

That nature alone is good which
refrains from doing another
whatsoever is not good for itself

One going to take a pointed stick
to pinch a baby bird
should first try it on himself
to feel how it hurts.

As thou deemest thyself,
so deem others

As students go back to school,
may we show them.....kindness
by living The Golden Rule!


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© Tina's Prayer Gate
August 16, 2004