In the outback districts of India there is no electricity.
In one such area there is a little village temple where people
gather after dark for prayers. Inside this temple there
is a long beam stretching across the whole church.
On it is a whole row of brass hooks onto which the
worshippers hang their lamps.

When they walk along in the dark,
each one carries along a lantern to light his way.
When he comes to the little temple, he goes and hangs
the lamp on one of the hooks on the crossbeam.

At first the temple is dark, but as each worshipper
comes and hangs up his lamp, bit by bit the temple
grows lighter until it is a blaze of light.

The reason, of course, is that every worshipper bring along his bit of light.
What do you bring along to church?

Matthew 5:23 says: "Come and bring your gifts to the altar."

"The Lord Bless You and Keep You"


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