Cat Kisses

Sandpaper kisses
On a cheek or a chin -
That is the way
for a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses
A cuddle and a purr.
I have an alarm clock
That's covered in fur!

~Author Unknown~

Always an Angel

I know sometimes I sharpen my claws
On every bed and chair and wall
and Wake you up with midnight howling
because I wish to go a-prowling.

But despite these things and maybe more.
it's the Angel in me that you adore
In me you know you've found
the perfect companion to have around.
A friend who is forever true
an Angel always there for you.

~Author Unknown~

The Cat's Prayer

Although I am too proud to beg,
and may appear to be a very independent
creature, I ask for your loving care and attention.
I rely on you for my well being much more than you may realize.

This I promise you, my benefactor,
that I will not be a burden on you nor
will I demand more of you than you care to give.

I will be a quiet peaceful island of serenity for you to gaze upon;
a soft soothing body to caress,
and I shall purr with pleasure to rest your weary ears.

Since I am a gourmet who appreciates different taste sensations,
I pray you will give me a variety of nutritious foods and fresh water daily.

You know dear friend, how I love to go.
Allow me, I pray, a warm sheltered place where
I can rest peacefully and feel secure.

If I am wounded in battle or suffering from disease,
please tend me gently,
and see that I am treated by loving and competent hands.

Please protect me from the inhuman humans who would hurt
and torture me for their own amusement.
I am accustomed to your gentle touch and am not
always suspicious nor swift enough to avoid such malicious acts.

In my later years when my senses fail me and my infirmities
become to great to bear,
allow me the comfort and dignity
that I desire for my closing days and help me gently
in my pain or passing.

Hear this prayer,
my dear friend,
my fate depends on you.

~Author Unknown~

Kitty's Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice.

For grocery bags where I can hide,
Just like a tiger, crouched inside!
I pray for gourmet Kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back.

For window sills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I'll always stay real cool,
And keep the secret feline rule.
To NEVER tell a human that...
The world is really ruled by CATS!

~Author Unknown~


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