Lifted Up on Angel's Wings

I was lifted up on Angels' wings,
And through the Heavens soared.
When I came upon a brilliant light,
I found it was my Lord.

With hair like snow and eyes of fire,
I bowed before His feet.
In His presence it was hard to stand,
My sins felt like concrete.

Head hung in sorrow, tears filled my eyes.
My mouth, it couldn't speak.
My sins were overpowering me.
My soul, it just felt weak.

A gentle hand reached out to touch me,
A voice like thunder spoke.
The love He gave enveloped my soul,
My heart no longer broke.

He put His loving arms around me,
Such peace that I felt then.
I was quite content in knowing that,
He'd do it all again.

Our righteous acts are like filthy rags,
The Lord reminded me.
Come in unto Me my precious child,
For I can set you free.

I was lifted up on Angel's wings,
And through the Heavens soared.
I had been forgiven my sin and...
My soul had been restored.
~Author Unknown~

No Matter Where I Go!

No matter how far away I go,
my Lord is always there,
no matter what the world may do to me,
my Lord will always care.

In the darkest corner of the earth,
God's light cannot be hid,
He stands beside me through the night,
and I know that I am His
What can this world do to me,
why do I no longer care,
it is because my Lord stands beside me,
all my sorrows and griefs to bear.

Be glad my brothers and sisters,
can't you feel it in the air,
He stands before us waiting,
give Him your every care

Lord God in heaven how I thank thee,
for loving this simple little being,
it is amazing that the King in all His glory,
would come down to hold this sinners hand.

I have seen so many wonders,
and the beauty in this earthly land,
but nothing can compare,
with seeing Jesus hold your hand.

When Christ lifts us up to glory,
we are no longer a part of this earthly land,
Oh come with me sinner, come with me now,
come take hold of the Masters hand.
~Author Unknown~



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