Making Memories

I've been around the world.
I've observed the expansive Grand Canyon,
the towering Pyramids,
the lonely Eiffel Tower,
the exotic Rainforest,
and my own backyard.

I comfort and encourage you,
as I travel with you,
like a sole passenger,
that can not be forgotten.

I capture great, fantastic, magical, things,
and stockpile them deep within me.
I produce memories,
and hoard them,
just so you can hunt them out later.

I've been dropped,
sat on,
and stroked with small, sticky, children's fingers,
and nevertheless I do everything you ask.
And even if you misplace me on occasion,
when you unearth me,
you spend time with me.

I can erase your old memories,
even as you create new ones.
I am worn around your neck like the finest luxury jewels.

I am a

Jesus loves you just the way you are!


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© Tina's Prayer Gate
November 24, 2012