I wish you happiness--
The kind that's deep within your soul
and shines through your eyes.

I wish you serenity
and a sense of perspective
that calms you and lends you understanding
in the most difficult times.

I wish you success
in every facet of your life;
Satisfaction and contentment
in everything you do.

I wish you dreams
with the promise of their fulfillment;
a lifetime of extraordinary memories
and a path which leads to beautiful tomorrows.

Above all I wish you could see
What a difference you make in my life
and how grateful I am to know you.
~Author Unknown~

The key to friendship..
is not in the hand you hold,
but how you hold the hand.
It's not in the tears you dry,
but all the reasons why.

It's not how you make a person smile
but whether or not it's worthwhile.
It's not in the conversation,
but in the way you listen.
It's not in the laughter,
but what comes before and everything after.

The key to friendship..
is not in two people relating,
but in two hearts communicating.
Thank you for being that very special friend,
who understands the key to friendship,
and how to unlock everything within.
~Author Unknown~


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October 29, 2012