No More Empty Space
by SnowWhite

I woke up one morning
And realized I was alone
I prayed for God to take me
I wanted to go home.

But God, he did not take me
I had too much to live for
He sent to me an angel
And opened up a door.

I walked through the door
Into a special place
My heart was filled with joy
There was no longer an empty space.

I thank God today
For the angel that he sent
For coming into my heart
For letting me repent.

He is an awesome God
One of great love and power
I'm proud to say today
I'm one of Gods blossoming flowers.

Thank Him

You look to Him in times of grief
And times of unbearable pain
You blame Him when things go wrong
When there’s no sun shining through the rain

You pour your sorrows into a cup
For Him to sip and savor
You place upon a platter
All your worries with bitter flavors

You cry out to Him in dismal spans
And hope that he will hear you
You look around for a sign
That shows that he is near you

How sad it is in times of glee
Not a word of thanks you offer
No acknowledgement or hymn
No adulation or, appreciation you proffer

For the Lord is not only there
In times of bitter strife
He's there with every step you take
Of your sententious, restricted life
~Author Unknown~



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November 2, 2012