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Now we lay us down to sleep,
we thank You Lord, our lives You keep.
In playing ball, running and tumbling,
we ask You, Lord, to keep us from stumbling.

We make a strange pair, this twosome before You,
one with four legs and one only two.
But right now, before You, we come here together,
cause even though different, we are birds of a feather.

Cause it's the difference that makes us the same,
You see;
I'm here for him,
and he's here for me.
Though I've known all along from the first day he came,
a hug is the only thing we speak the same.

My pal and my buddy, I'll always be grateful,
You brought us together so we'll never be hateful.
I'll learn his ways, and he'll learn mine,
and together, by Your Grace, we'll both grow with time.

So thank You again, Lord, for this day You gave us,
Thank You for Your Son You sent here to save us.
We live life together in the time that we're given.
Laughing and loving, forgiving, forgiven.

Bless our family and friends, Lord, bless both Mom and Dad,
and help them to love us when we know we've been bad.
For what You've created on earth here to bless me
Your love I see clearly each time that he greets me.

It's what we're about, I'm learning it now,
that even though we don't know who, when or how;
different looks, different speech, in the hearts of us all,
Is a Love we can share with all kinds, big or small.

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July 20, 2012