I daily seek a quiet place
that's far from trouble and strife,
where I can piece together all
the puzzles of my life.
It's there, away from TV and books
and far from the telephone,
that I can fellowship with God,
just He and I alone.
And there God pours His balm of love
into the life I live,
and there I find a peace and joy
that only He can give.
I will not fear the circumstances
I face from day to day,
for daily, in my quiet place
I'm learning how to pray.
~Glenda F. Davis~



One of the most beautiful
and one of the most encouraging passages in the Gospel
those words of Jesus regarding Faith:
"Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe."

The fruit of prayer is Faith.
If we pray,
then we will believe.
If we believe,
then we will love
because the fruit of Faith is love,
and the fruit of love is service.
Similarly, if we want to deepen our Faith,
we must deepen our oneness with Christ.

Without seeing Him
we pray to Him,
we turn to Him,
we cling to Him,
we love Him without seeing Him.

is the most beautiful gift God can give
to a human being
to believe that He Is,
and that Christ Is...
God from God
Love from Love,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made;
one in substance with the Father,
by whom all things were made...

And yet He became so small,
He became a human being like us,
to make it possible for us to believe.
To increase our Faith
He made Himself the Bread of Life
even a child can break that Bread,
even a child can eat that Bread.

This is humility in the action of Faith,
and Faith in the action of humility.

We can understand the majesty of God,
it is very difficult to understand the humility of God.
That is why we need to pray
to be able to believe.
~Mother Teresa~

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