Sisters Of The Spirit

You and I are 'Sisters Of The Spirit',
We have never lived in the same place.
I seem to know what you're feeling,
But we have never met face to face.

If I should not be here tomorrow,
My spirit will remain with you.
I know if tomorrow you are gone,
You will forever be with me too.

Some may not ever understand,
The bond we have always shared.
Our meeting was destined by God,
To be a relationship of loving care.

The internet was our meeting place,
Somehow you knew what's in my heart.
We were always 'Sisters Of The Spirit',
And I know our spirits will never part.

Copyright@ M. Doris Fuller 2012

On the Wings of Dreams

On the Wings of Dreams
I'm flying free
with a dreamer's dream,
To a land without fear, darkness, and doubt;
Where shadows and hauntings
of all time and space,
Are rainbows with colors that endlessly grace...
happiness, hope, and all joys to embrace.

A land with no storms, without pouring rains,
where changes abound and great comfort remains;
Where all hate is replaced,
all questions erased;
Where new memories are shaped,
with wonderous light...
of romance and love, before out of sight;
A dreamland of heaven without jaded thought,
where butterflies are free,
their colors uncaught;
With milk oceans to see,
fresh air to breathe;
Countless flowers and trees,
fragrancing the soft whispering breeze.
No more webs of deceit,
where lovers have fought;
No battles of hopelessness,
where all love is lost.

Maybe our dreams hold the land of our thoughts,
Or maybe our hearts have learned lessons well taught.
It is the stairway to heaven,
this dreamland we seek...
Hopefully for all is more than a peek...
at a future end to the ultimate pain,
of great loyalty and love...
lost and estranged.

This dance of life I endlessly write,
Is an end to the pain, and every soul's light.
To a life fulfilled at the end of our time...
to dream second chances for new love we can find.
Here's to all of us ending our heavenly climb,
With the company of romance and lovelight sublime.

~DaLady Dawn~

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