Framed White Rose

I Got A Dozen Roses
From A Friend The Other Day
But I Only Have 1 Left
For I Gave Them All Away

I Gave One To My Sister
Who To Me Is Very Dear
In Hopes That It Will Bring To Her
A Little Floral Cheer

I Took One To A Friend
Who's Not Feeling Very Well
The Flower Or The Visit
Which Helped More I Could Not Tell

One Went To A Friend
I Haven't Known For Very Long
She Struggles, So In Some Small Way
I Hope This Helps Her Carry On

The Rest Went To The Ones
Who've Helped Me In So Many Ways
They Have Been A Cheerful Presence
On My Dreary Days

The Roses Were So Pretty
I Just Could Not Keep Them All
Except One Single Bud Standing
Beautiful And Tall.

My Friend Gave Me The Flowers
To Help Brighten Up My Day
But The Biggest Joy I Received
Was Giving Them Away
~Author Unknown~


A Simple Perfect RoseBud
Bathed In The Moons Eiree Light
And As Night Turns Into Dawn
The Rose Slowly Opens
As If Just For Me
And As It Does
There Is No Place I Would Rather Be
And No Thing That I Could Find
That Could Compare To It's Inner Beauty
It's Sweet Scent, It's Ambience
And As Evening Comes Once More
Flame Is Reduced To Ember And I Leave
Would Every Rose Do The Same
If I Was There To See?
No, I Think Not
This Is My Rose
~Author Unknown~

Flowers don't worry about
how the're going to bloom.
They just open up and
turn toward the light
and that makes them beautiful.
~Jim Carrey~

I hope some day to meet God,
because I want to thank Him
for the flowers. ~Robert Brault~

I'd rather have roses on my table
than diamonds on my neck.
~Emma Goldman~

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