It's time to bid Autumn good-bye
As Winter comes our way.
We'll miss the singing birds that fly
And Nature's colorful display.
We'll miss the bright flowers that bloom
Their last brave, beautiful show.
They must die out to make room
For Winter's sparkling snow.
The trees have given their last presentation
Of beauty that warms the soul.
Another distinctive indication

That God our Creator is in control.
But we can welcome the Winter scene
With anticipation each day.
The drab world will appear white and clean
When the unsullied snows come our way.

God has His specific reasons
For everything He does permit.
The changing of the seasons
Is interesting - we must admit.
So, we accept what He sends our way
And rejoice that He's in control.
That the same God Who rules each day,
Is the Master of our soul.
~Fern Hanlin Coberly~

Winters season,
may be dark and cold,
But if you look closer,
there's plenty of gold.

Trees are covered,
in snowy powder,
Kids with snow,
are fun and louder.

Rooftops covered,
like from a fairy tale,
Huskies smiling,
through a forest trail.

Walking the sidewalks,
of winters town,
In the beauty of it all,
many shall drown.

Sweet hot chocolate,
cures the frost,
In cafe conversations,
minds are lost.

We spend time with others,
because of the cold,
That's winters gift,
and precious gold.
~by anitapoems.com~


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December 4, 2012