A Couple of Favorite Recipes

You may have made these delicious treats under a different name.
The following dishes are what my family has made for a number of years.
These are very good treats to take to family, company and Church events


What you will need:
     cupcake pan
     oven 325 degrees
     24 Nilla wafers
     24 cup liners
     3-8oz cream cheese
     1 cup sugar
     1 tsp vanilla
     3 eggs
     Can of sweet cherry pie filling (chilled) [other pie filling may be used]

Beat all together (not the pie filling).
Fill tins � full
Bake in over at 325 for 20 mins
Remove from oven let set for 10 minutes
and place 3 cherries (or spoon full of other pie filling)
on top each cupcake chill and serve.


What you will need:
     1 whole chicken (I always used a package of Best of the Chiclen or just Chicken Breast)
     1 small can of diced green chilies,
     2 small cans of tomato sauce,
     Oregano Leaves, (enough to almost cover the top)
     Garlic Salt,
     1- 9oz Cheese (I always use the double white and yellow cheese, one full half moon shape)
     or you can use 1 Colby cheese and 1 white cheese.

Bake chicken in a pan with a lid and water,
put enough water in, fill to around the half way mark of the chicken.
(I always cook high heat.) 400 degrees, for about 1-1/2 hours.
Till it is really, really done.
Falling off the bone done but not over dry.

Take chicken out of oven and out of the pan.
Save the pan drippings. (Leave them in the pan)
Place chicken on a platter so that you can tear it apart and de-bone it.

Put skin and bones in the trash.

In the pan where the drippings are stir in the 1 can chilies,
2 can of tomatoes, sprinkle the garlic salt from one end
of the pan to the other- not real heavy, just once over lightly,
same with the oregano leaves.

Place broken up chicken pieces in this mix, stir just a bit.
You do not want to make it stringy chicken.
But do get all the chicken into the mix.

Grate in the cheese over the top a nice thick - not too thick layer.
Put lid back on and place back into the oven untill the cheese has melted

I save a bit of the cheese to put on the refried beans.
I always serve this dish with Spanish rice and refried beans.

Hope you enjoy and God Bless

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