The Passion and Perfection
~ Saint Maximilian Kolbe~

We must understand that the first moments of ardor
are the soaring of the soul to God as though on an eagle wings.
It is the pleasant, amiable association with Jesus.
In God's eyes, however, these were not so important.
They were the bonbons the Lord gave to us,
a kind of extraordinary action of grace which the heavenly
Father moved within our soul and senses so as to draw our
miserable selves near to him. He wished that after tasting of
his sweetness we might happily pursue the road to perfection.
But in terms of eternal life such days have little of merit in them,
for they lack any great sacrifice or effort on our part.

Love is nurtured, rather, solely through sufferings, sacrifices,
and the cross. We should be very grateful to God for his priceless
graces which were so necessary for us at the outset of our lives...
But putting aside the sweetness, we look beyond it and receive from him
the sorrowful crosses and sufferings which prove that God loves us no less...

The love of God is made perfect in suffering, as gold is assayed
in the fire. When diverse temptations overwhelm the soul;
when it is steeped in darkness, pain, and spiritual uncertainty; when,
as it were, it hangs on the cross, bereft of relief and consolation,
in imitation of Jesus Crucified, but no less, because of God's grace,
it peacefully and joyfully accepts the cross and carries and drags it
for a very long time--why, then only is it at the door to true perfection.

A soul has no idea what heights it is called to or has reached
and what great glory God prepares for it in heaven.

Every moment, however sorrowful for the soul,
but borne with peace and resignation to God's will,
is a new jewel in the heavenly crown which God prepares
for the faithful soul.

When I come to Heaven
~by Elizabeth Andrews~

When I come to heave, Lord, what shall I bring,
My golden necklace and my diamond ring?
I have some great treasures, of jade, ivory and bone,
And arenít we judged Lord, by what we own?
My important position, Iíve climbed so high,
There just isnít anything, my money wonít buy.
So tell me again Lord, just what are your needs?
Iíve helped You a lot, by doing good deeds.

Youíve got it all wrong, My child, My dear.
All that Iíve wanted is having you near.
While storing your treasure, thereís much you forgot,
My love and forgiveness can never be bought.
I offer it freely, just ask and receive,
But you never listened, you didnít believe.
Your works and possessions are just filthy rags,
So if youíre coming to heaven, unpack your bags.
Just come as you are, itís you that I love,
The price has been paid, by the One up above.


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