Teach us to Love

Lord, we thank thee for all the love
that has been given us,
for the love of family and friends,
and above all for your love poured out upon
us every moment of our lives in steadfast glory.

Forgive our unworthiness.
Forgive the many times we
have disappointed those who love us,
have failed them, wearied them, saddened them.

Failing them we have failed you,
and hurting them we have wounded our Savior
who for love�s said died for us.
Lord, have mercy on us, and forgive.
You do not fail those who love.
You do not change nor vary

Teach us your own constancy in love,
your humility,
selflessness and generosity.
Look in pity on our small and tarnished loving,
protect, foster and strengthen it,
that it may be less
unworthy to be offered to you and to your children.
O light of the world,
teach us how to love. Amen.
~Author Unknown~

Why we need Silence

The Interior man is aware that time of silence
are demanded by love of God

He needs a certain solitude so that he may hear God,
�Speaking to his heart.�
The search for intimacy with God involves the truly
vital need of a silence embracing the whole being,
both for those who must find God the midst of noise
and confusion and of contemplatives.

Faith, hope and love for God which is open to the
gifts of the Sprit and also a brotherly love which
is open to the mystery of others,
carry with them an imperative need for silence
~Evangelica Festificatio~

When your passion and your purpose are greater
than your fears and excuses
then you will find a way!
~ Author Unknown~

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