In this world we�re reaching and hope to touch the sky.
We struggle and smile and always wonder why life can
always surprise us as we grow throughout the years,
sometimes shinning sun, sometimes raining tears.

But God is always with us, a tree so beautiful and strong.
His mighty branches support us and show us we belong.
His steadfast roots uphold us and nourish us with His
gentle care, sustaining us through each season,
showing us He�s always there.

With His protective shade, He shields us.
He renews us with His seeds. He knows our every
dream and fulfills our every need. With His height
none overpower Him and He guides us from above,
protecting us from rain drops and showering us with love.

When you are feeling down and fear you are alone,
He will fill your heart with bounty, for He never fails
His own. His leaves may drift to the ground, it seems,
to be apart, but He is steady by our side and
deep within our heart.

For ev�ry pain, that we must bear,
For ev�ry burden, ev�ry care.
There�s a reason

For ev�ry grief, that bows the head,
For ev�ry rear-drop that is shed.
There�s a reason.

For ev�ry hurt, for ev�ry plight,
For ev�ry lonely, pain racked night,
There�s a reason.

But if we trust God, as we should,
It all will work out for our good.
He knows the Reason.



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June 29, 2012