I have a special 'room' in my heart,
Held only for you, dear one.
It's a room where I can close my eyes,
And dream �till the morn brings sun.

This special room is where I go
When my mind starts thinking of you.
It's a place that only I know where,
My dreams and thoughts come true.

No one can enter, into this room,
For it's you that holds the key.
And when I listen closely, I hear,
'Come darling and be with me'

My heart is filled with many rooms,
Some only meant for dreams.
Fantasy, ecstasy or a way to escape,
Let our minds flow like a stream.

So if someday, you enter my room,
It's then that you will see,
A room of love and a heart that holds
More love than the deep blue sea.

~Author~ Ruth Ann Mahaffey


Created with love