The beauty, the pleasure
From each day that I live,
The love I receive
And much more I can give.

Enjoying a flower
Be it hybrid or wild,
Hearing the laughter
Of an excited small child.

The freedom to wander
Then express how I feel,
Clean water on tap
Enough food every meal.

Good friends and neighbours
Their company to share,
If I knocked on their door
Always a welcome to spare.

My basics of life
Each day for granted I take
Without heartbreaking effort
That I have to make.

Things sadly overlooked
As I`ve travelled my way
That I`m making an effort
To remember today.
~Heather P Wilson~


I count my blessings one by one
Though great or small they be,
And know without the help of God
Not one would ever be.

I thank Him for these blessings
Each morning of each day,
And then again at close of night
Before sleep comes my way.

He grants me all these blessings
Though sinner that I be,
And with the many faults of mine
I know that He loves me.
~Harold F. Mohn~


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May 23, 2013