May your thoughts be of flowers
May your dreams be of love
May the stars twinkling down on us
be your ever guiding love

May you find hope
in all your fear and fright
May you find love that is only heard
through the whispers of the night

May we love one another
and lose this fight
May we all be equal
in each other's sight

May our tears be kissed away
by hope and of wisdom
Lord give the courage
to give love in all I do

May you love yourself
and others too
~Author Unknown~

You are truly a precious gift
who gives others al that you are,
and whenever someone needs a lift,
you are never far.

Words canít express your value to me.
Youíre the most kind and caring person
Iíve ever met.
For without you, I donít know where Iíd be.

Youíd give your life for others, I bet.

I donít know how to thank you for being so special.
But I still wanted you to know how I feel.

Youíre far more precious than the most expensive jewel.
And far as friends go, you are ideal
~Author Unknown~

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