Noticed I was all alone today
But realized I never felt alone
Now I can log on the computer
Instead of going for the phone

It's wonderful when people visit
And I love my phone calls too
But now I have this special place
To come and visit with all of you

I can take the extra time in here
To say it with a poem or rhyme
To sit and think what's in my soul
Where I am not hurried for time

Where I can take a moment out
To think of how I want to reply
And when something touches me
I can unashamedly just sit and cry

Things I would never say in person
For it's easier to say in written words
Because you my very special friends
Have heard what no one else has heard

I can come to you with anything
No matter how silly, real or unreal
You're always there to show you care
And just let me express how I feel

It seems it is easier to talk to you
Than with any one else that I know
For I can let my guard down here
And let all of my emotions show

So I thank you all for being here
And I count you as treasured friends
I hope I will always be here for you
And I pray this kinship never ends
~Author Unknown~

Always remember this...

A smile is such an easy
thing to pass along the way,
Like a ray of summer sunshine,
On any a gloomy day!!
~Author Unknown~


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July 7, 2013