Come one, come all
To the masquerade ball
For a night of merriment
To be had by all
The ball poses a picturesque scene,
With porcelain masks and swaying dresses
And painted smiles with china doll eyes,
Laughter escaping their pearly white teeth
Over sips of flowing red wine.

All attendees dance harmoniously in unison,
Creating quite a spectacle to observe,
With wailing music that inflames the passions,
Against the backdrop of a stunning glass palace.

The glass serves faithfully as a mirror,
Reflecting the scene in its entirety,
And allowing each seeker to observe
Their unmatched kingly and queenly beauty,
Enhanced by the magnetism of the magnificent mask,
So that the world may stand aghast in awe.

Cologne and perfume coalesce in the air,
Avarice gleaming in starry eyes,
And bills drip from pockets and mouths,
Golden coins spinning on the ivory floor,
As stains of red wine appear on suits and dresses
Wholly composed of a luscious green fiber.

The night concludes with cheerful partings,
The music coming to its royal consummation,
The decadent wine having taken its seductive toll;
And so, the grand ball has succumbed to the morn,
While the masks are placed gently on nightstands.

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© Tina's Prayer Gate
August 12, 2013