In honor of my two Ballerina's
Always DANCE with an open heart


The frightened ballerina,
standing on her toes
stood behind the curtain
in a dainty pose.
Having practiced faithfully
hour after hour,
inside her heart was pounding.
Outside her muscled power
overcame her fear.

The overture now playing,
each note was in her ear.
And as the curtain opened
it took away her fear.
The stage, the lights
became her love.
Each pirouette and leap
took her way above
into a different sphere.

The audience, mesmerized,
intent on every motion,
appreciation on their faces
showed deep emotion.
And as the music ended
she took her final bow.
No longer was
she frightened,
in fact emboldened now.
She knew why she was here.

To dance, to dance
at every given chance.
To hear the applause
and hear them call her name.
And so the ballerina
standing on her toes
so graceful and dainty
is awed as she does hear.
'Bravo, bravo, bravo, my dear.'
~Edwina Reizer~

Dear Angel,
Ever at my side
Be there today,
my feet to guide.
Help me dance high
and light and free.
So everyone will be
proud of me.

May the judges be fair
and the stages be spacious.
In wining and losing
let me be gracious
So that every dance
I'll remember with pride.
And angel,
please keep my shoelaces tied.
~Author Unknown~

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April 1, 2013