Catch a ride on Mighty Wings
Of Swans flying in migration
Oh, the wind, how it stings….
What a liberating sensation!

Divine beauties, soaring high
Mighty wings that mesmerize
Gently swaying in the sky
Flying over a scenic paradise

Sweeping views of mountains high,
Sparkling waters down below
Many, many trees zoom by
Oh, what a spectacular show!

At last, they reach their destination
After travelling far and wide
The end of a sweet imagination….
My dreams of a Magical Ride….



Stately swan, so proud and white
Glistening in the morning light,
Come and tell me is it true
That a show-white swan like you,
Guided by bright golden chains
In his beak for bridle reins,
Once upon a time from far
Fabled lands where fairies are
Brought a magic boar wherein
Rode the brave knight Lohengrin?

Stately swan, so proud and white
Glistening in the morning light,
If you only wore a gold
Harness, like that swan of old
And if trailing in your wake
Sailing on a silver lake
Was a boat of magic and
You could float to fairy-land
Then I’d jump in and begin
Traveling like Lohengrin
~Author Unknown~


Lohengrin is a character in German Arthurian literature.
The son of Parzival (Percival), he is a knight of the Holy Grail
sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue a maiden who can
never ask his identity. His story, which first appears in
Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival, is a version of the
Knight of the Swan legend known from a variety of medieval sources.
Wolfram's story was expanded in two later romances.
In 1848 Richard Wagner adapted the medieval tale into hispopular opera Lohengrin.



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