I wish I could be a child again
When everything is simple and gay
Playing under the sunlight
Hide and seek in the moonlight
Very simple things
That makes our heart laugh out loud

I wish I could smile again like a child
Where candies and balloons are all that I want
And when someone get my toys and made me cry
My friends will stand beside me and fight
Telling me over and over
That theyíll never leave my side

Playing and laughing like a child
Where life seems so happy and bright
You donít have to worry for the next day
Just excited so that you again can play
As soon as the sun touches the land
Till the smiling moon says goodnight

Life can be as simple and gay as a child
In things that can make them happy and smile
This lesson Iíve learned as I grew up
You donít have to make it a complicated life
Being contented on the simple things
Finding happiness in everything!
~Meann Santiago~


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January 15, 2014