Friendship is a bond
that holds together tight.

The mysteries of love,
When things just don't go right.

It's understanding unsaid words.
It's putting first other's concerns.

Friendship is a bond,
that helps us through the night.

Friendship is a joy,
that doesn't cost a cent.

It's given freely of the heart,
that way that it is meant.

It's guiding love from deep within.
Desiring to give and give again.

Friendship is a joy,
that's surely heaven sent.

Friendship is a tool,
that keeps us free of war.

It heals the deepest wounds,
and doesn't leave a scar.

It's seeing others' point of view.
Accepting differences 'tween me and you.

Friendship is a tool,
that helps to keep us pure.

Friendship is the gift,
that I now give to you.

The tiniest of offerings,
in hopes to see you through.

The times when strength may not be there.
Just think of me and know I care.
~Author Unknown~

Friendship is born at that moment when
one person says to another:
‘What! You too?
I thought I was the only one.'
~C.S. Lewis~

Friendship is unnecessary,
like philosophy,
like art…
It has no survival value;
rather it is one of those things
which give value to survival.
~C.S. Lewis~

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