Granny has a laptop,
its sleek and shiny new;
She gazes at it fondly,
and wonders... what to do?

She keeps it gently on her lap,
she really thinks its nice,
She doesn't like the mouse at all,
she's very scared of mice!

But soon she'll start blogging
and take the world by storm,
With precise posts on ecology,
and why our globe is warm!

She'll be in touch on email,
with family friends on the net;
And keep us all enthralled,
with her global tete-a-tete!

She'll engage in quirky forums,
and have a million fans,
Asking for her recipes,
of fish curries and flans!

She'll keep the world begging,
for her poetry and prose,
For her masterpiece in Egyptology,
for the stories that she knows!

So, get set darling Granny,
we're so happy you're online,
You're a Granny in a million,
I'm so glad you're mine!!!
~Roann Mendriq~

My new computer's quite the gift
And one I truly covet -
With all the latest features
Who could help but love it

I surf the net at breakneck speed
As if I'm in a race
There is no end to what I'll do
Launched in cyberspace

My new computer's quite the joy
I savor dusk till dawn
Now all I need to find is
The switch that turns it on!
~Vernon Waring~

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May 15, 2013