Once in a while in the
middle of an ordinary life
gives us a fairytale
~Author Unknown~

There is nothing more beautiful than
the love between a man and a woman
who find complete fulfillment
in the joys of married life….

No deeper love from that
which comes from giving,
helping, caring and discovering the
happiness that’s only found in sharing.

A good marriage is a common search
for the good and the beautiful.
It means having the capacity
to forgive and forget,
giving each other an atmosphere
in which each can grow…

To be loved is to know
happiness and contentment.
To give love is to know
the joy of sharing oneself.
It is through the miracle of love
that you have discovered
the fullness of life…

May your anniversary,
and the years to come
hold a very special happiness
to precious moments past,
to precious moments yet to come,
and to a love that will always last!
~Author Unknown~

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July 2, 2014