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Prayer at a Silent Moment

Lord, my God,
in this special moment of complete quiet
I open my soul to you.
I am greatful and happy for the benefit this
moment of silence affords me.
Lord, my God, I did not always appreciate
the grace of your serene presence.
Needlessly I gave myself up to the bombast
and heated agitation that took me far from
my deepest self and from you.
I withdraw now into the warm fold of your
silence to better capture the gentleness of
your presence and the rushing energy of your love.
Your silence fills up my being, makes me whole again,
and redefines the ultimate meaning of my being.
Lord, you are eloquent in silence and soft whispers;
strengthen me always with your silence so that
I may build in peace all of my days. Amen.
~Author Unknown~

Every morning in Africa,
when the Sun rises,
a deer awakens,
knowing it has to outrun the fastest lion.
or be hunted to death....but....
when the Sun rises,
a lion awakens knowing it has to outrun
the slowest deer or be starved to death.
It does not matter whether you are a deer or a lion,
when the Sun rises,
you better be running at your best....
~Author Unknown~

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