The stairway rises heaven high,
The steps are dark and steep,
In weariness we climb them
As we stumble, fall and weep,

And many times we falter
Along the path of prayer,
Wondering if You hear us
And if You really care,

Oh, give us some assurance,
Restore our faith anew,
So we can keep on climbing
The stairs of prayer to You,

For we are weak and wavering,
Uncertain and unsure,
And only meeting You in prayer
Can help us to endure

All life's trials and troubles,
Its sickness, pain and sorrow,
And give us strength and courage
To face and meet tomorrow!
~Helen Steiner Rice~

Oh long and dark the stairs I trod,
with stumbling feet to find my God,
Gaining a foothold bit by bit
Then slipping back and losing it.

There came a certain time when I
Loosened my hold and fell thereby,
Down to the lowest step my fall
As if I had not climbed at all.

And as I lay despairing there,
there came a footfall on the stairs
And 'lo' when hope had ceased to be
My God came down the stairs to me.
~Author Unknown~

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June 19, 2014