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The Beauty of a Woman


Friends Without Faces

I Wish For You....

~Thank-you to our Friends~


~A Special Tribute to OUR Mom~

~A Special Tribute to OUR Dad~

~Our Bestest Brother~

~Us Three Sisters~

~Dedicated to ALL Pastors~

Day Break

The Gold and Ivory Tablecolth

Cat Kisses

My Best Friend!

If Jesus Came to your House

What Love Is All About

After The Rain

The Resume of Jesus Christ

Inspirational Quotes on Parenting

The Golden Rule

Your Life is Jesus to Someone....

What Would You Do?

Life was better in Black & White!

Monkey Business

The Names of God

Spring Time

For Hope and Her Mom

Jesus, I Trust in You!

The Seeds you sow

The Empty Chair

If you think you can...

It's Up To You....

24 Things to Always Remember....


What Christ won't ask!

Legion of Mary song

Happy Birthday to ALL MOMS!

Wild Thing

Parent's Prayer

As I've Matured......

Sound Advice

Windmills at Sunrise


Safe Harbor

Victorian Poems

The Colors of Friendship

....No More Excuses

To My Friends

Teens and Cats!

Because You Care

All Through the Night

Deck of Cards

A True Friend

This Old House


A Penny

"History of my salvation"

Walk In His Light

Inbox Angel

Power of Prayer

Lost No More

Story Telling......


Stairway to Heaven

Baking a Cake

The Pencil

The Lord's Baseball Game

Now I Lay me down to sleep...

The Lord's Prayer

Hold on to....

Trust ME!

A Light for God's House

Living Bible

A Tribute to Teens

Sand and Stone

Serenity Prayer

Refiners Fire

The Prayer of Manasseh

A Recall

Poems by Mr. Doug

Dance With God

You Are Worthy!

Praying Hands

The "U" in Jesus

Prayers for Priests

The Touch of the Master's Hand

Unfolding the rose..........

Breathing Under Water

"Keep your fork..."

The Value of Time

Roses for Rose

The Straying Lamb

Divine Control

Angels By Your Side

Irish Blessing

Always Say A Prayer

Life is like a Box of Crayons

Nine Requisites

Winter Night

If Nobody Believed In You

Bless My Computer!


YOU Are Special

The Holy Bible & the TV Guide

5 Ways to Live a Holier Life

Follow Directions

Giving In Church

If You Come Across An ANGEL

My Philosophy On Housecleaning!

Catholic Dictionary

Around the corner, I have a Friend

The Gift of Time

A Cats Prayer

The Master Weaver

Look for a Mountain to Climb

Damian my Dog

Life is a Journey

Fun Page

Wings of a Prayer

Hello God, it's me...

I Asked God

Why God Made Friends

"Obituary of common sense!"

Moments in Life

The Daffodil Project

God is like.....

Angels in the Classroom

Rain Again!!!

Right Now...

Garden of Dreams

Poems by Helen Steiner Rice

Unfolding the Rosebud

If I knew...

In His Constant Care

Installing Love

ABC's of Jesus' Love

The Invitation

Trumpeting Angels

Garden Pup

What if.....?

Angel Poems

A Salute to Teachers

The Messenger

If Mother Theresa

Don't Forget to Pray

"I Refuse to be Discouraged"

Viewed Best with Jesus.....

The Empty Bird Cage

Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven


~A Tribute to ALL Fathers~

No Matter what....

My Quilt!

~This Mother's Love~

Are you a Reason....

~I am with you Always~

God's Voice Mail

The Second Ten Commandments

Life Too Seriously

Diamond of Faith

The Difference

The Room

A Forever Friend

The Blessing of Thorns

Catholic Prayer Web Sites

What God Has Promised

The ABC's of a Friend

Twice Mine

Eternal Ink

The Cracked Pot

The Cross

~Be Thankful~

Brighten Your Corner!

Psalm 23



The Will of God

The Marian Page

The Last Vision

In His Hands

One Solitary Life

The P.O.P. Page

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue

One Day at a Time

A Salute to Altar Servers

Let Go Let God

9-11 Poem

Do You Love Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking.......,

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