With deep Gratitude to 'you' who have contributed to 'The Prayer Gate'

I am Pleased and Honored to share with you the many Web Sites that have made 'The Prayer Gate' possible. For Several years I have 'surfed' the Internet, praying that one day I would have a web site. Through the Grace of God, I am blessed to have found many, many interesting sites that offered FREE clip art, backgrounds, helpful hints to create a web page, Music for web pages, and much more.

I have not always been faithful in keeping track of where I 'copied' such items, if you recognize any 'art' on 'The Prayer Gate' that came from Your web site, please infrom me, I will make the necessary corrections and add you to this list of Credits.

Everything on these pages has either been 'given permission' or has been given FREE. I thank each of you for the Sharing of your God given Talents. May God's Peace and Blessings be yours.

First and Foremost: Special Thanks to

Designer Lady

Beginners 101
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
If I can writeHTML

So CanYOU!!!

Cool Text: Logo & Graphics Generator WhyteHouse.com Absolute Designs
20 Useful Websites for Graphics BigNoseBird.com Graphic Index by Subject
Christian World: Index Web Clip Art ART-TLC Animated Backgrounds
Getty Images JAGNOW Sparklit
Dynamic Drive JavaScript Clipart.com
ChristArt In His Image Angel's Web Graphics
Angel Images Christian Clipart Gif Animation Resource
DWDs Inspirational Web Design Bells N Whistles Christian Web Designs
Free Animated Clip Art A-Z Free Clipart Bible VerseArt.com
ClipArt, Sounds & Music GranGran's Graphics Angel Graphics & Animations
Anne's Angel Place Angel ClipArt's Seamless Backgrounds Stripe Generator
Backgrounds & Gifs Christian Hymm Midi Contempoary Christian Midi
Catholic Christian Hymns n Midi's Images of Mary Gold Crosses
Sacred Heart Religious Clip Art Images of Jesus
Christmas ClipArt Angel Art Gallery Victorian ClipArt
More Victorian ClipArt Two Hearts Design Cristmas Clipart
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