With DEEP graditude to our Bestest Brother,
We dedicate this Web page to Him
From his three older and wiser sisters.

A Motorcyclist's Prayer
O, dear Father I ask for you to watch over me as I ride from point a to b.
Help all other motorists to see me clearly and help me to stay out of their way.
Bring me back to my family in one-piece dear God, these things I pray. Amen

Sent for publication on Catholic Prayers on May 14, 2000

Stuck To My Heart

To take inventory of my life,
in a chronological sense,
is to find no time frame
when you have not been there,
except in intensity.

The frequency in which our lives mingled
was stronger in younger years.
But as time has flown by so mercilessly,
we have taken advantage of opportunities
for our lives and hearts to mingle
as has our blood.

The benefit I have had
of having even one brother, especially you.
To know of the bonding strength of brother and sister-
it is so different from any other -
closeness unexplainable.

In my mind,
your picture should be in
the definition of brother.
In my soul,
you and I are bound,
together, though never chosen,
always appreciated.
And in my heart,
like a child serving honey,
a sticky fingered mess,
you are there,
stuck to my heart.

The love that never had a beginning
has no end.
Through it, hurts are healed;
unrequested forgiveness is granted;
and home is wherever your heart is.

As my home will always be,
with you,
my Favorite Brother,
Stuck to my heart.

Author: Bonnie-1 1/2 years older

Thoughts of You

Thoughts of you come to mind
as a picture
of a cute little precocious toe head.

So cute, in fact,
that you even had a portfolio of your photos.
You not only passed an audition,
but you went on to be in a TV commercial
about Speckles (sugar toppings)
to go on top of breakfast cereal for IGA.

You had such a darling wide smile
as you looked into the camera
and ate that sweet stuff.

As you grew older and taller,
we played
and fought
and Indian wrestled.
I'd like to think I "LET" you win.
I even practiced
putting my arm further and further
up my back,
so it wouldn't hurt so much.
That part did work.
But YOU did the winning.
Your strength passed me up
faster than my height passed you.

I want you to know I appreciate you
and LOVE you
as my very best FAVORITE Brother.

You are "ONE" in a million.
Thanks for being there for me.

Author: Paulina-3 years older

My Sweet Prince

I loved Lonnie's toe-white hair
and was jazzed when my boys
had his coloring.

The fact of me being the OLDEST
and him the YOUNGEST.
I tended to him MANY times. . .
this caused me to call out his name
each time I would call my own boys, for years.
I always started out hollering for Lonnie Joe,
and then Robert,
and then as time passed, my son Joe.

Over the years,
in his adult life,
he has become my Sweet Prince.
He is ALWAYS there whenever
I really need him,
especially when it comes to anything
involved in helping me with Lee.

Things I can't do around
the house and/or yard,
too heavy or too tight,
my sweet Prince is right here,
doing it for me.

Thank you, Jesus!

Author: Katrina-5 years older

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