"The Diamond of my Faith"

" Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal
that stuck to their jobs." -Malcolm Forbes

Diamonds were at one time just chunks of coal.
Both are made strictly of carbon.
Isn't it amazing that God would engineer
something so wonderful as that?
He planned for something black, dark, ugly,
and otherwise useful only for burning,
to become something so beautiful and treasured.

Do you know how a chunk of coal becomes a diamond?
It occurs through a process involving intense
amounts of pressure. Essentially, the coal is put
under such extreme pressure and heat that it has no
choice but to alter its structure into that of a diamond.

God is prepared to do this for you as well.
It takes a lot of time to make a diamond from coal.
Doesn't it make you feel pretty special that God
would take that much time for you?

Not only does God find you so valuable that He is
willing to take the time to convert you to a diamond,
He also sees you as you are going to be.
God knows in advance the beautiful creation He
is going to transform you into.

Diamonds aren't really beautiful when they are
found in nature. After all that work,
they still need to be cut and polished,
just as we do.

God knew we needed people in our lives to sharpen us,
to help us reach perfection in Him together.
God intended it that way. Don't go it alone.
Find friends and family who are
willing instruments of God.

God will use them to help hone you into not just
a raw diamond, but also one that has been cut,
polished, and is ready for Him to display as a
tribute to His mighty power. "As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

God is ready and willing to make something
beautiful out of each and every one of us.

Pray today that He would enter your heart
and begin to refine you into
the diamond you are meant to be.

(This was sent to me a few years ago,
I do not know who wrote it, if you did, let me know
so that I may give credit where credit it due, and
thank-you, I love this article.)

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