God surveyed all His creation,
Looking from His Heavenly Throne
"They hurry, scurry and run about,
With agendas of their own.
I call and compel them,
To come and sup with Me
But no longer are they hungry,
They're too busy, don't you see.

My children whom I've called,
Once had fire in their soul
They use to pray and seek My face,
Alas, 'twas long ago.
I long to have a relationship
Such as Abraham, My friend.
To be worshipped with abandon
Like David did, again.

I've blessed some with a silver tongue,
And some with a golden voice,
Now fame's become their heart's desire
And I'm but second choice.
Oh sure, they speak My Word
And lead some souls to heaven
They glorify in numbers won
But don't listen for My direction.

So many lift their voice
To plead for more provision
To build a monument on earth
Filled with people without vision.
They draw near Me with their mouth,
But from Me, remove their heart.
They show a form of Godliness
Deny My power, from the start."

The Majesty was sorrowed
As He looked upon the land.
His eye did search out to and fro
For a pure and humble man.
Patiently He waited...
And sought throughout the land
For a man who'd seek His heart
Not just looking for His hand.

A flame was kindled in a heart
The makings of a Pastor.
The flame was fanned, desire burned
"Use me" he implored the Master.
God was so delighted!
He called him "favored son"
For first he sought God's heart
Now they talk and act as one.

One day Satan came a'calling
A challenge he flung down,
"Take from the man his church & sheep,
I don't think he'll stick around."
God said, "I'll see your challenge
As an opportunity to prove
That once again you're wrong as sin
And from him you'll be removed."

Willing and obedient
He stood the fiery trial
With courage he endured the test
Complaint was not his style.
He sought the Lord each morning
And praised throughout the day
Each thought was taken captive
For all things to God he'd pray.

No decision was considered
Without the Father's Word
No step was taken down a path,
Unless from God he'd heard.
God's heart was filled with pleasure
Angels sang with one accord.
"Was not my mind or power
But the Spirit of the Lord!"

The man had given glory
To the living God alone.
Satan lost again the battle
"Get thee hence" came from the throne!
The Lord spoke forth His blessings
Of prosperity and health
And vision for a job to do
Enable by God's wealth.

"I know he can be trusted
For he has no heart of pride
He is my humble servant
In him I do abide."
Anointed and empowered
To light men's hearts to pray
He presses ever closer
And faithfully shows the way.

Ever seeking God's desire
God directs him don't you see?
His lips speak forth God's wisdom
And 'Giving' is the key.
He gave his heart, his mind, his soul
To God he gave his all.
As shepherd he desires us
To listen for God's call.

Oh, the hours he has given
In prayer for you and me
He views us through the eyes of love
Our flaws he doesn't see.
God had fashioned and formed him
Like a Potter with His clay
A vessel to be used of God,
Not merely a display.

Like a humble water pitcher
From the Master Craftsman's hand
He is filled with living water
To be poured out upon the land.
"In My Kingdom there are vessels
Plated silver and of gold
A fine array and on display
But hard to touch or hold.

They're used only on occasion
Too fine for everyday.
They only grace My table
When it pleases them to stay.
I choose My water pitcher,
Used many times a day.
He's always at my table
To sup and talk and pray.

The vessel silver plated
Of intricate design
Has beauty on the outside
But the heart is far from Mine.
Golden plated or of silver
Aren't as precious don't you see,
As the humble serving vessel
Whose heart serves only Me."

In Purity and Honor
The humble man will stand
With crown of gold and many jewels
Placed by the King's own hand.

Written by Cheryl Lamont

This page is dedicated to ALL Pastors!

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