I plant a little seed
And pat the earth down neat:
God grows that little seed
Into a stalk of wheat.

I plant some little seeds
Away behind the reeds:
God grows those little seeds
And all of them are weeds.

Be careful what you plant;
It truly has to grow;
If it is wheat or weeds,
God grows just what you sow.

I said a little word--
Alas! it was too late--
It grew and grew and grew;
It was a word of hate.

I said a little word--
Angels rejoiced above--
It grew and grew and grew;
It was a word of love.

Be carefull of the words
You speak along life's way,
For, if they're good or bad,
They're growing every day.

Susannah G. Hednrickson


Some paths wander through shady woods
Following winding creeks,
Seeking beauty of verdant plains
And wilds of mountain peaks.

While others creep through gloomy swamps,
Reeking with damp decay,
With never a gleam of sunshine
To light the dreary day.

And thus it is that each of us
Shall have a choice to make,
And we must plan most carefully
Which of the paths to take.

For as we travel life's long road,
Our dreams of great success
Will come to us if we but work
With faith and eagerness.

The way we play our part in life,
And why we win or lose,
Depends to quite a large extent
Upon the path we choose.

~Author Unknown~



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