Strong enough to be weak;
Successful enough to fail;
Busy enough to take time;
Wise enough to say, "I don't know."
Serious enough to laugh.

Rich enough to be poor;
Right enough to say "I'm wrong."
Compassionate enough to discipline;
Conservative enough to give freely;
Mature enough to be childlike.

Righteous enough to be a sinner;
Important enough to be last;
Courageous enough to fear God;
Planned enough to be spontaneous;
Controlled enough to be flexible.

Free enough to endure captivity;
Knowledgeable enough to ask questions;
Loving enough to be angry;
Great enough to be anonymous;
Responsible enough to play.

Assured enough to be rejected;
Stable enough to cry;
Victorious enough to lose;
Industrious enough to relax;
Leading enough to serve.
~Author Unknown~

Make more time for prayer:
Spending time together is the best way
to get to know God better.

Practice sharing:
God wants us to take care of each other.
Look for more ways to share your money,
time, and talents with someone who needs them.

Celebrate the Sacraments:
Make Sunday Mass the highlight of your week.
Go to confession and celebrate God�s forgiving spirit.

Be a voice in the wilderness:
When you notice and injustice,
be the first one to speak out and take action.
Treat all people with the dignity
they deserve as children of God.

Share your faith:
Talk about God with anyone who wants to listen.
We shouldn't keep his love all to ourselves.
There's more than enough to go around.


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"God Grant Us Peace"
© Bruce DeBoer
an Original Composition