Do You Believe?

At the daily Mass today, the priest told this interesting tale
about how in a serious drought, no rain for months, the farmers were
almost ready to give up and move, lock, stock and barrel.

So the Pastor told them all to meet him at one of the farms,
and together we are going to pray for rain.
So they all gathered and he asked the congregation if they were ready
to ask our Lord to send down the rain
....everyone says an Amen

He asked does anyone believe the Lord hears prayers
....everyone says an Amen.

He asked does anyone believe God answers prayers
.....everyone says an Amen.

then he said,
Well, I have just one question for you before we begin..
Where are your umbrellas?

Walk the walk
Talk the talk

God's Peace and Blessings

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February 22, 2013