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Prayers for Loss of a Loved One

~Someday Soon~

Tribute to 9/11
Life is a Journey

I Hear My Master Calling Me

Pray for Religious Freedom

What Kind of Day Shall I Choose Today?

Consoling Words from the Heart of Jesus

How Do You Know You're A Teacher?

Everything Happens For a Reason

When God Created Kitty Cats

There's a Thunder in the Distance

What I've Learned About Friendship

A Prayer For My Friends

The Last Time...

Courage, Strength, Compassion & Confidence

True Lenten Discipline

If I Had My Life to Live Over


God is in Every Tomorrow

Like Angel Dust

You My Friend

An Open Invitation

Friendship is a Strange Thing....

At Day's End

The Park Bench

After The Rain

A Place For Me

Life Without Friendship

Why GOD Gave Us Friends

On Your Anniversary

...Just Stands By

A Friend Like You




Thank you, Dear Friend

Computer Crash

Recognizing a Good Woman

Words From My Heart

Be Yourself

Prayer for a Friend

Lessons of Growing Older

The Woman in the Glass

A Friend is....

Sweet Spring

Brighten Your Corner

My Three Lovers

My Daily Creed

Field of Joys


My Favorite Animal

Cherished Friends

If God Should....

Screen Friends

How to Know...

Potato Chips


Never Borrow Sorrow

Through Me

Never Alone

Computer Prayer

Thank You, God!

I'm Special

The Most Important Question

The Handwriting on the Wall (2)

My Bouquet of Flowers

The Empty Dance Hall

God Can

Life is....

For My Best Friend

A Beautiful Song

The Ballerina

For My Sisters

Who is a Teacher?

There's Sunshine in a Smile

Stairs to God

Do You Believe?

The Vaule of Time


If Jesus Came to Your House

I Found a New Love Today

A Lesson from History

Gratitude and Appreciation

Please Look a Little Deeper

True Peace

Good Bye to Autumn

The Customer

Abort, Retry, Ignore

Dancing In Dreams

Lifted Up on Angel's Wings

The Armor of God

My Wish For You

God Sent Me An Angel

An Undivided Heart

Do you know what HOPE is?

The Angels

Be A Winner!

30 Years Difference

The Bible in 50 Words

Winter of My Life

Church Bulletin Bloopers

A Prayer for My Friend

Now, let this fest begin....

Meaning of Family


How to be a Good Wife (1950's)

The Gift of Friendship

Birthday Wishes

~Heavenly Creatures~

Teach Me!


The Way I See It...

A Friends Greeting

Movie Magic

Why Worry?

Stress Management

I'll be happy when...

You Took My Place

The Legend of the 5 Sponges

A Recipe for Friendship


Don't Be Afraid

What If Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals?

Fairy Kisses


God's Holy Place

Friendship Quotes

The Passion and Perfection

What if......!

To My Email Friends!

How True It Is......

Framed White Rose

You Are Unique

Stairway of Dreams

Life's Lessons!

God's Rainbow

An Old Memory

My Sweet Friend

Beyond the Sunset

God Forgive Me When I Whine

Prayer at a Silent Moment

A Single Rosebud

The Gift of Time

To My Best Friend

Miss Sweet Fifteen

Too True, Too Often

Live Each Moment

"Be Thankful for the Thorns"

A New Day

The Spider and the Fly

One Nation Under God

The Miracle of Friendship

People in Your Life

Toddlers Rule

Do Less...

My HOPE for You....

God is the Friend of Silence

Getting Older

When I'm an Old Lady

Granny's Little Laptop

The Train

"The Peace of Meditation"

If I Can!

One Last Look

Spiritual Lesson From Pain

You Can't Please Everyone

Satan's Garage Sale

This Too Shall Pass

Life is Precious...

A Special Place

I Could Wish For You.....


The Ship of Life

The Storm Will Pass

.....Just because

Hold on to Your Dreams

Remembering Mom's Clothesline

It's All in a Lifetime

Children's 1st Day of School

Night of the Masquerade Ball

Volunteers-God Bless Them!

What I Have Learned

Dreams of Life

A Hug....

A Place for Me

God's Gift...

The Most Beautiful Flower

Don't Miss Out


When I Am An Old Woman

Love Poems

There is that Friend

Beauty of the Morning

The Road to Fairyland

Keep Smiling

Faithful Friends

A Woman of Strength

The Mystery of Life

If You Were Busy

Heaven's Playground

Is It Any Wonder

I Cannot Pray

Famous Last Words!

Four Things

Today is no special day....

The Little Angel

Get A Passion

God Hath Not Promised

Oh Holy Spirit

Making Memories

Think of Those Who Love You

No More Empty Space

Your Reward

Count Your Friends

Field of Joys

The Battle

The Miracle of Friendship


What is a Friend?


Summary of Life

The Window Where We Look

Does this sound like anybody you know?

Send your Angel to Holy Mass

"Think of Those Who Love You"

"My Friend....I Care!"


Life is a Garden

Everyone Needs Someone

Fair Face of a Woman

Quotes of Growth & Strength

Prayer of Middle-Aged

17th Century Nuns Prayer

Don't Waste Life!

The Grace of Conversion

Butterflies are Free

God's Reason

When I say....



The Christmas Pageant!

Through the Storms


The Worthiness of Faith

Words of Encouragement for Teens

The Paradox Of Our Age

I Heard The Angel Say

A Quiet Place

Favorite Family Recipes

Light Shining out of Darkness

"Rules From God"

Barbershop Philosophy

"Autumn Lake"

Firm Believer in Christ

A New Page in Life!

A Memo From God

Godiva and Her Beauty

Peace Within

The Sound of Music

Sweetness From the Heart


A Helping Hand

The Loom of Time

Be the Change...

Someone Needs You

The 'Grades' of Friendship

Slow Dance

Never Lose Hope!

Rise Above the Crowd

Quitters Never Win

The Treasures in You

Which Are You?

Journey of Life

Always Remember Poem

The Smile Virus

The Stairs


One Small Rose


Remember When...

Friendship Is....

Here's to the Woman

God, Are You There?

The Oyster

Healing Your Broken Self

A Soldier's Prayer

Life with Jesus

His Name is John

I Hope

Learned from Mom


God's Garden

A Child Again...

The Land That Made Me, Me

Do you remember fun?

A Simple Hug

I am a Dancer


A Prayer For Renewal

The Apron

The Master Gardener

The Magic of Love

And the Lord said, Go

When I Retired

Sonnet of the Moon


Start Over

Counting My Blessings

The Sculptor's Attitude

Golden Old Age

Angels in Training

My Friendship Garden

Dust if You Must

The Piano

A Rose Within

The Swan

Two Little Raindrops

A Bend in the Road

The Secret

A Child's Faith

The Gift of Knowing You

I Refuse to Be Discouraged

Led By God

Heaven's Grocery Store

There's a Reason

If you can't be.....


Be a Friend

I Can't Remember!


I Found God Today

I've learned....

Never Found the Time

Circle of Faith

My Special List

Chosen Vessel

I Believe...

A Golden Chain

Friends are like MATH!

Benefits of Being a Woman

Did I read that right?

What Happens In Heaven When We Pray?

Are You Listening?

Daily Physical Exercises

After a while....

Lunch with God

Rose Vase

The Child and the Faeries

On the Wings of a Prayer

Always Believe

Gentle thoughts for today...

A Cup of Coffee

To My Friend

Words of Wisdom

The Lamp of Perfection

And God Said


The Road of Life

The Buzzard, Bat, and Bumblebee


"The Piano Duet"

Instructions for Life

A Boy & His Dog

White Roses of HOPE

What If?

Enchanted Flower

Things You've Always Wanted To Say @ Work


Lifetime Friendship

Teach us to Love

Spiritual Vitamins A to Z

It Couldn't be Done

"Call Me"

Outside My Window

INTERNET.....The Beginning

Tree of Life

Words From My Heart!

Special Room in my Heart

Gift of Love!

Sail Away

Table For Two

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