Do you remember having fun
When you were just a little one?
Remember going out to play
For almost all of every day?

Back then a chore was such a pain
Such a waste of time and brain
And having fun was easily done
Outside where you could yell and run.

Do you find now you can't recall
When last time you had any fun at all?
If you don't work all day long,
Every day, you think it's wrong.

Put maybe your head would not ache today
And your nervousness would go way
If you could relax and go outside
To run and jump and seek and hide

Just like the kid you used to be.
Back when life was fun and free.

I want to be a child again, 6 years old is good.
I want to once again think that candy is better than money,
because you can eat candy.
I want to go to McDonalds and still believe it is a 5 star restaurant.
I want to go outside without worrying how my hair looks.
I want to go back to the days when music was clean and pure.
I remember when I was innocent,
and I thought that everyone was happy because I was.
I want to distance myself from the complexities of life,
and once again become excited over the small things.
I want to ride my bike all the way to the park,
without worrying that I will get kidnapped.
I want to live simple again,
I don't want my days to be full of computers crashing,
mountains of paperwork on my desk,
and how to survive a few more days during the month
when there is no money left in my check book.
I want to believe in the power of laughter, of a hug,
a handshake, of a kind word, of truth, justice or peace.
I want once again to believe in the human race.
I wish that each one of us could live a part of that child
we all have inside and do not let ourselves be dragged down
by the society which surrounds us.
If we all thought and acted a little like children,
don't you think a lot of things in the world would be different?
~Author Unknown~


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December 19, 2013