Through me,
let there be kind words,
a warm smile,
and a caring heart.

Through me,
let there be a willingness to listen
and a readiness to understand.

Through me,
let there be dependability,
trust and loyalty.

Through me,
let there be compassion,
mercy and love.

Through me,
let there be every quality I find,
O Lord, in Thee.
~Author Unknown~

Bless me, heavenly Father,
forgive my erring ways,

Grant me strength to serve Thee,
put purpose in my days

Give me understanding,
enough to make me kind

So I may judge all people
with my heart and not my mind

And teach me to be patient
in everything I do,

Content to trust Your Wisdom
and to follow after You

And help me when I falter
and hear me when I pray

And receive me in Thy Kingdom
to dwell with Thee some day.
~Helen Steiner Rice~


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July 27, 2013